4 Reasons to Love Kitchen Tables

If you took a survey about what someone’s favorite part of their kitchen is, you’d probably get a variety of responses. I know people who are thrilled with their countertops, others who are in love with their bar height breakfast bar. I’ve even been told by some that their favorite part of their kitchen is the backsplash tiling, simply because of the obvious beauty it brings to the kitchen. But if you were to ask me what I love about my kitchen, I’d tell you it’s my kitchen table. You may find this a bit strange, but believe me, kitchen tables are some of the kitchen’s most practical and (potentially) beautiful items. Here are 4 reasons to love kitchen tables (who knows, you may end up loving them as much as I do).

Kitchen tables are the most versatile pieces of kitchen furniture. It goes without saying that most kitchen appliances and accessories have specifically defined uses. You’ll never be cooking in your refrigerator and you’ll certainly never be washing dishes in your oven. The kitchen table, however, can be used for a myriad of uses. Kitchen tables can be used for the following tasks, among others: homework, extra counter space for food preparation (or storing food as it cools down), a place for a lovely family meal, a place to entertain guests, a surface for your child’s art projects, a place to relax and watch TV (if you have one in the kitchen)…the options are almost endless.

Kitchen tables make every kitchen more beautiful. Whether they are swathed in beautiful tablecloths or standing gracefully in their natural state, kitchen tables have the ability to add a unique style element to any kitchen. Kitchen tables can match your countertops, contrast the rest of your kitchen or introduce an entirely new look. Here are some design options: http://WhatMyHomeWants.com/

With a kitchen table, there is no need to work alone in the kitchen. If food preparation bores or frustrates you, you’re in luck- a kitchen table will provide friends, family members and guests with a place to sit while you prepare your food, taking the boredom out of the process. Who knows- your companion may even want to pitch in a little! read full blogs for more details.

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Kitchen tables help to develop proper eating habits. In today’s day and age, more children (and adults) are becoming accustomed to meals on the run and eating in front of the television. Having a proper kitchen table creates place to eat slowly and properly. Kitchen tables are a great place for families to discuss their days and for children to learn how to sit properly at the table.go to http://aroundtheplate.org/five-reasons-i-love-my-kitchen/ for more detailed information.

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